MD/PA hike, day 3

Monday, September 21st, 2015Start: Ensign Cowall Shelter End: Rocky Mountain SheltersMileage: 24.7 (+0.4 for water) I was up and getting ready at 6:30am; I was packed up and on the trail by 7:15am. I passed by Raven Rock Shelter, Deer Lick Shelters, Antietam Shelter, and Tumbling Run Shelters. I went over Raven Rock Cliff (1297′) … Continue reading MD/PA hike, day 3

MD/PA hike, day 2

Sunday, September 20, 2015Start: Ed Garvey Shelter End: Ensign Cowall ShelterMileage: 24.8 (+0.2 for view and 0.2 for water) I started out on the trail this morning by 7:15am. In the morning, I still didn’t feel like walking the 0.8 miles to the shelter’s water source. So I snagged some water from my shelter mates … Continue reading MD/PA hike, day 2