Day 5, JMT 2022

Saturday, Aug 6, 2022 Start: campsite 1mi from Kearsarge Pass End: Onion Valley trailhead Miles: 5.5 Elevation gain/loss: 682’/2608′ We slept in until 6:30am, took our time prepping for the day, and headed out at 8am. We climbed the last mile up to Kearsarge Pass, took some pictures, and then headed down towards the trailhead. … Continue reading Day 5, JMT 2022

Day 4, JMT 2022

Friday, Aug 5, 2022 Start: campsite 0.3mi from Baxter Creek End: campsite 1mi from Kearsarge Pass Miles: 10.3 Elevation gain/loss: 3114’/1467′ We were awake at 5:30am but it was still raining so we drowsed until 6:30am then packed up in the rain. I checked the weather on my Garmin while it was pouring and it … Continue reading Day 4, JMT 2022

Day 3, JMT 2022

Thursday, Aug 4, 2022 Start: South Fork Kings River End: campsite 0.3mi from Baxter Creek Miles: 14.2 Elevation gain/loss: 3084’/3665′ We were up at 5:15 and hiking by 6:15am. We had a good climb up the Pass, though it took a while.We met Salt Lady and Skunk Bait on Pinchot Pass and chatted for a … Continue reading Day 3, JMT 2022

Day 2, JMT 2022

Wednesday, Aug 3, 2022 Start: Palisade Creek End: South Fork Kings River Miles: 15.2 Elevation gain/loss: 3888’/2264′ We were up at 5:15 and hiking by 6:15am. We made quick time the first few hours. As we ascended the Golden Staircase, my running coach Joe McConaughy passed by on his unsupported FKT attempt. It was great … Continue reading Day 2, JMT 2022

Day 1, JMT 2022

Tuesday, Aug 2, 2022 Start: South Lake/Bishop Pass trailhead End: Palisade Creek Miles: 15.6 Elevation gain/loss: 2772/4177 After getting a ride to the trailhead with CJ, we started out at 6:45am, hiking up Bishop Pass. We had good weather for the morning, and made it over the Pass and stopped for lunch at the Dusy … Continue reading Day 1, JMT 2022

PCT day 6

Monday August 2, 2021 Start: above Guitar Lake End: Whitney Portal Miles: 14.3 Gain/Loss: 4610’/7936′ After getting to bed around 7:45pm, I was woken up at 1am by a number of headlamps walking by. I tried to go back to sleep for another 20 minutes but finally decided to just get up. I packed up … Continue reading PCT day 6

PCT day 5

Sunday August 1, 2021 Start: a few miles past Cottonwood Pass End: above Guitar Lake Miles: 23.0 Gain/Loss: 5233’/4511′ This morning, after another damp night, I woke up at 5:25am to a wet tent and sleeping bag. I dried the tent as best I could and packed it away wet. I was up and out … Continue reading PCT day 5

PCT day 4

Saturday July 31, 2021 Start: 1 tent campsite alongside Cow Creek (dry) End: a few miles past Cottonwood Pass Miles: 28.2 (+0.4 for water at Dead Canyon) Gain/Loss: 6896’/4708′ It rained hard from maybe 8pm until 11pm, completely soaking the tent both inside and out. I woke up around 5am and remained in my sleeping … Continue reading PCT day 4

PCT day 3

Friday July 30, 2021 Start: campsite just beyond Kern River End: 1 tent campsite alongside Cow Creek (dry) Miles: 23.1 Gain/Loss: 5440’/2539′ After getting into camp at 6:30pm last night, I was asleep before 8pm. I let myself sleep until 5:30am, since I would only have 5 miles to Kennedy Meadows in the morning. I … Continue reading PCT day 3

PCT day 2

Thursday July 29, 2021 Start: single campsite by small trickle End: campsite just beyond Kern River Miles: 28.3 Gain/Loss: 7864’/7638′ I was awake at 5am, after an okay night of sleep. People had commented about seeing bears nearby so I was very nervous every time I heard something. I didn’t see anyone on trail yesterday … Continue reading PCT day 2