VA AT hike #1, day 8

Start: Blackrock HutEnd: Rockfish GapMileage: 20.7 (+0.8 side trail and around town) I woke up early (5:15am), since I went to bed early (8:30pm). I slept pretty well, all things considered. I was packed up and on the trail by 6:15am. I made really good time and arrived at Rockfish Gap/I-64 at 3:15pm. Today, I … Continue reading VA AT hike #1, day 8

VA AT hike #1, day 7

Start: Smith Roach Gap End: Blackrock Hut Mileage: 20.2 (+0.2 side trail) This morning, my friend dropped me off at Smith Roach Gap at 8am. I made Loft Mountain Campground by 12:45pm and Blackrock Hut by 4:15pm. Today, I climbed Little Roundtop Mountain, Loft Mountain, and Blackrock. I stopped by Loft Mountain Campground’s camp store … Continue reading VA AT hike #1, day 7

VA AT hike #1, day 6

Start: Big Meadow Lodge End: Smith Roach Gap Mileage: 21.6 (+0.2 side trail) I slept in this morning a bit, getting up at 6:15am. I chatted with my friend and we got breakfast in the dining room when it opened up at 7:30am. I was on the trail for a later start by 8:30am. Today, … Continue reading VA AT hike #1, day 6

VA AT hike #1, day 5

Start: Brookside Cabins/US 211/Thornton Gap End: Big Meadow Lodge Mileage: 17.6 (+0.8 for side trail) This morning, I was able to get a hitch from a forest ranger out to the trail, arriving by 7am. Unfortunately, one of my water bottles fell out on her car. Thankfully, I have a spare platypus bag which can … Continue reading VA AT hike #1, day 5

VA AT hike #1, day 4

Start: Front Royal Terrapin Station Hostel End: Brookside CabinsMileage: 23.9 (+0.5 side trail) This morning at the hostel, I was up and out by 6:30, getting to the AT by 6:45. I had wonderful sleep last night and started my day in a good mood. The weather was cool (70s) and sunny. Sadly, that changed … Continue reading VA AT hike #1, day 4

VA AT hike #1, day 3

Start: Dicks Dome shelter End: Front Royal Terrapin Station HostelMileage: 19.0 (+0.7 in side trails) I headed out from the shelter at 6:30am. It was much cooler and less humid than the last two days. I went by Manassas Shelter around 8:15am with a very nice piped spring for water. I took a half hour … Continue reading VA AT hike #1, day 3