VA AT hike #1, day 1

Start: Teahorse Hostel End: Bears Den HostelMileage: 19.8 (+2.1 for water and side trails to/from AT) I had a nice waffle breakfast at the hostel and headed out by 6:30am. I arrived at the AT via the ATC side trail at 7am. From there, I went over the Shenandoah River and entered the woods and … Continue reading VA AT hike #1, day 1

VA AT hike #1, day 0

Start: Harpers Ferry Amtrak station End: Teahorse Hostel Miles: 0 (+1.5) Hello everyone! I arrived at Harpers Ferry today via Amtrak around 5:45pm, walked to the ATC office, got my picture taken and added to their book of 2015 thru and section hikers, and then hoofed it to the Teahorse Hostel. I’m glad I made … Continue reading VA AT hike #1, day 0