Mattabesett Trail – Part 14

One thought on “Mattabesett Trail – Part 14”

  1. That's a lot of glow sticks!

    Also, I find this mysterious bonfire trail very intriguing. It must have been high school kids – I can't imagine Wesleyan students littering glow sticks in the woods.

    What were they doing there? What sort of social event is a secret woods party and what occurs there? Is it just like the boring college party I attended once where people drink and then have boring conversations while drunk which are not interesting if one is sober? Or was it a full on Ancient Rome style secret solstice sex forest orgy where some woman kills her own cross-dressing son in a Bacchic trance?
    I'll try not to be too curious about it – That's part of what got the guy from The Bacchae killed. Though also it was his secret envy of women buried underneath his overt misogyny.

    This comment ended in a different place than it started in.


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