The Grid: Liberty, Flume

Sunday, December 13, 2020Start/end: Liberty Springs trailheadMileage: 13.01Elevation gain/loss: 4787′GaiaGPS track I started out from the Liberty Springs trailhead at 7:30am with Philip. We’d originally been thinking of heading up the Flume slide, but given the slushy and wet shoulder conditions, we decided to do an out-and-back instead. We hiked up the AT/Liberty Springs trail, … Continue reading The Grid: Liberty, Flume

The Grid: Hale

Sunday, Oct 25, 2020Start/end: Hale Brook trailheadMileage: 4.52Elevation gain/loss: 2340′GaiaGPS track We had a more relaxed morning, and didn’t get to Hale until mid-morning. We enjoyed a quick hike to the top, contending with ice on rocks as we got closer to the summit. The trees above ~3800′ had rime ice coating their branches and … Continue reading The Grid: Hale

The Grid: Moriah

Monday, Oct 12, 2020Start/end: Carter-Moriah trailheadMileage: 8.3Elevation gain/loss: 3192′GaiaGPS track After an early start, we packed up the rest of our site, and headed into town to buy a quick breakfast. We were the first car at the Moriah trailhead parking area and headed up the smooth trail. We reveled in the beautiful views from … Continue reading The Grid: Moriah

The Grid: Cabot

Sunday, Oct 11, 2020Start/end: York East trailheadMileage: 10.6Elevation gain/loss: 2980′GaiaGPS track We got up early and went through Gorham, grabbing coffee drinks and breakfast sandwiches on the way to the Cabot trailhead. As we got close to to the York East trailhead, we encountered two bull moose next to the road, and they kindly wandered … Continue reading The Grid: Cabot

The Grid: Waumbek

Saturday, Oct 10, 2020Start/end: Starr King trailheadMileage: 7.18Elevation gain/loss: 2813′GaiaGPS track We took our time this morning, after a late night. We left around 9am to go to Gorham, to pick up some baked goods, AAA batteries, and firewood. We were successful on all fronts, and then headed to the trailhead. The parking area was … Continue reading The Grid: Waumbek