May Grid: Owls Head

May 21, 2022 Start/finish: Lincoln Woods Mileage: 15.38 Elevation gain: 3186′ After rising early, I headed out from Lincoln Woods. I took the left for Black Pond and then followed the bushwhack to cut down on the creek crossings, since water was running well. Once I intersected with the trail again, the mud and damp … Continue reading May Grid: Owls Head

May Grid: Osceolas

May 20, 2022 Start/finish: Greeley Pond trailhead Miles: 6.83 Gain: 3166′ Strava I headed out from the trailhead right around 4pm. I wasn’t sure if Tripoli Rd was open yet and I didn’t want to drive the ~30 minutes to find it closed so I went from this side, even though I dislike the approach. … Continue reading May Grid: Osceolas