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Risley Pond Trail

This hike occurred on August 9 & 14, 2013 Trail head: 365 Lake St., Vernon, CT – Parking: Risley Pond trail has a parking lot with room for over half a dozen cars. Length/Distance: According the CT Walk book and the town of Manchester, this lollipop loop trail should be 2.6 miles. According to my GPS tracking program, … Continue reading Risley Pond Trail

Metacomet trail – Part 5

This hike occurred on August 3, 2013 Trail Head:West Peak Dr., Meriden, CT – Parking: Using the Hubbard Park auto road, we parked at the top of the Hanging Hills’ West Peak and did a loop hike.  Length/Distance: According the Connecticut Walk book, the route was 1.2 miles. According to my GPS tracking program, our route was 2.24 miles, which included a non-trail … Continue reading Metacomet trail – Part 5