TRT day 2

Saturday, August 24 Start: Round Lake End: Susie Lake Miles: 24.0 Elevation gain/loss: 4754’/5023′ After falling asleep around 9pm, I had a good night sleep and woke up around 5:45am. I was on trail by 6:30am. I reached the intersection with the PCT at Meis Meadow around 7:30am. I passed by the Upper Truckee River … Continue reading TRT day 2

TRT day 1

Friday, August 23 Start: Kingsbury junction south (7800′) End: Round Lake (~9000′) Miles: 26.4 Elevation gain/loss: 6467’/5925′ I was up at 6:15am this morning, and was all packed up and ready to head out by 6:45am. A new friend from the hostel had offered to drive me to the trailhead and I decided to take … Continue reading TRT day 1

JMT day 11

Monday, August 19 Start: High Sierra Trail (10,411′) End: Whitney Portal (8374′)/Lone Pine Miles: 20.8 Elevation gain/loss: 6414’/8481′ After all my thinking last night, I decided to get up early and see how I felt once I hit Guitar Lake. I planned to get up at 4am, but my body woke up at 3:30am and … Continue reading JMT day 11

JMT day 10

Sunday, August 18 Start: campsite 1.0mi beyond Upper Vidette Meadow (9928′) End: High Sierra Trail (10,411′) Miles: 16.2 Elevation gain: 4298′ I was up around 4:45am but managed to go back to sleep until 5:40am; I was packed up and on trail by 6:30am. This morning was strictly climbing – up to Forester Pass (13,180′). … Continue reading JMT day 10

JMT day 9

Saturday, August 17 Start: campsite near unnamed pond, 1.0 mile before Sawmill Pass Trail (~10,800′) End: campsite 1.0mi beyond Upper Vidette Meadow (9928′) Miles: 18.7 Elevation gain: 5030′ I was up around 5:15am this morning and out hiking by 6:15am. I’ve found that I don’t really like going downhill in the morning; I prefer to … Continue reading JMT day 9

JMT day 8

Friday, August 16 Start: campsite near Deer Meadow (8875′) End: campsite near unnamed pond, 1.0 mile before Sawmill Pass Trail (~10,800′) Miles: 19.0 Elevation gain: 6329′ After a lovely night sleep, I slept in and woke up at 5:40am. I was packed up and on trail by 6:30am. I climbed past Lower Palisade Lake (10,610′) … Continue reading JMT day 8

JMT day 7

Thursday, August 15 Start: between McClure and Colby Meadow (~9660′) End: campsite near Deer Meadow (8875′) Miles: 24.8 Elevation gain: 4902′ After a successful night with a bear hang (and a fair amount of congested coughing still), I woke up around 5:15 and was on trail by 6:15, despite being a bit cranky. I then … Continue reading JMT day 7