M-M overnight hike, day #1

Friday, September 9, 2016Start: Cross St/Rt 2 – FarleyEnd: Fall Brook shelter, MA/NH lineMiles: 25.4 (with ~6,700 ft elevation gain) I started out at 8am from Cross St. I climbed Rattlesnake Mountain, Hermit Mountain, and Stratton Mountain. I stopped for lunch around 11:30-12 at the Richardson Cabin. It had a beautiful view with Mt Monadnock … Continue reading M-M overnight hike, day #1

M-M day hike

Friday, August 26, 2016Start: 153 Packardville Rd Pelham, MA 01002End: Spear Library, Cooleyville Rd, Shutesbury, MAMiles: ~10.75 miles I started from Packardville Rd around 8:30am. It was foggy and overcast when I started, though it was sunny and blue skies by the time I finished. I followed the trail along past some radio towers and … Continue reading M-M day hike

M-M Trail Overnight Hike

Thursday, August 11, 2016Start: 420 Farley Rd, Wendell, MAEnd: Wendell State Forest ShelterMileage: ~5 miles (+0.5 miles in the wrong direction on the M-M) I arrived at the trail head by 6:30pm. I quickly assembled my backpack and headed out by 6:45pm; unfortunately, there was no way to tell (and I hadn’t thought to figure … Continue reading M-M Trail Overnight Hike

Appalachian Trail section hike – MA

Hike occurred on September 5th, 6th, 7th, & 8th, 2013 Massachusetts Appalachian Trail section hike By “Timex” Thursday, September 5th:  Greylock Community Club, North Adams, MA to Crystal Mountain Campsite18.6 total miles for the day – rough map completed after the fact Mountains climbed: Mt Williams (2951 ft), Mt Greylock (3491 ft), Saddleball Mountain (3247 ft), … Continue reading Appalachian Trail section hike – MA