TRT day 8

Saturday, August 31 Start: Spooner Summit Trailhead End: Kingsbury Junction South Miles: 18.6 (+0.5 side trail to parking lot, +0.8mi walk to Tramway Market for cash for the bus and snacks) Elevation gain/loss: 4541’/4173′ I was up at 6:30am this morning, and called a Lyft at 7am, arriving at the trailhead by 7:30am. From Spooner … Continue reading TRT day 8

TRT day 7

Friday, August 30 Start: Mt Rose Summit Trailhead End: Spooner Summit Trailhead Miles: 23.2 Elevation gain/loss: 3953’/5705′ I was up this morning around 6:30am, packed up my bags, had a quick breakfast, and then headed out to the trailhead, arriving by 8am. A friend from South Lake Tahoe had been willing to pick up me … Continue reading TRT day 7

TRT day 6

Thursday, August 29 Start: Mt Rose Summit trailhead End: Brockway Summit trailhead Miles: 22.9 Elevation gain/loss: 2982’/4734′ After a lovely zero day in town, I was up at 6:15am this morning. I had a quick breakfast and then ordered a Lyft to the trailhead. I arrived at the trailhead by 7am, prepped my gear, and … Continue reading TRT day 6

TRT day 5

Tuesday, August 27 Start: Tahoe City End: Brockway Summit trailhead Miles: 20.3 Elevation gain/loss: 3993’/3215′ After restless sleep due to anxiety and the 3rd room’s occupant arriving loudly at 11pm (including the crinkliest bag in creation), I was up at 5:15am. I had a quick breakfast and was out waiting for the 6am bus a … Continue reading TRT day 5

TRT day 4

Monday, August 26 Start: north fork of Blackwood Creek End: Tahoe City Miles: 13.9 (+4mi around town) Elevation gain/loss: 1834’/3547′ After getting to sleep around 8:30pm, I woke up at 5:45am and headed out on trail by 6:30am. The viewpoint overlooking Lake Tahoe was spectacular in the sunrise light. The trail descended for a short … Continue reading TRT day 4

TRT day 3

Sunday, August 25 Start: Susie Lake End: north fork of Blackwood Creek Miles: 26.5 Elevation gain/loss: 5479’/5315′ After a solid night sleep, I was up at 5:40am and on trail by 6:30am. I had a quick climb up to Dick’s Pass (9390′), where I got some cell service and was able to place reservations for … Continue reading TRT day 3

TRT day 2

Saturday, August 24 Start: Round Lake End: Susie Lake Miles: 24.0 Elevation gain/loss: 4754’/5023′ After falling asleep around 9pm, I had a good night sleep and woke up around 5:45am. I was on trail by 6:30am. I reached the intersection with the PCT at Meis Meadow around 7:30am. I passed by the Upper Truckee River … Continue reading TRT day 2

TRT day 1

Friday, August 23 Start: Kingsbury junction south (7800′) End: Round Lake (~9000′) Miles: 26.4 Elevation gain/loss: 6467’/5925′ I was up at 6:15am this morning, and was all packed up and ready to head out by 6:45am. A new friend from the hostel had offered to drive me to the trailhead and I decided to take … Continue reading TRT day 1