JMT day 10

Sunday, August 18 Start: campsite 1.0mi beyond Upper Vidette Meadow (9928′) End: High Sierra Trail (10,411′) Miles: 16.2 Elevation gain: 4298′ I was up around 4:45am but managed to go back to sleep until 5:40am; I was packed up and on trail by 6:30am. This morning was strictly climbing – up to Forester Pass (13,180′). … Continue reading JMT day 10

JMT day 9

Saturday, August 17 Start: campsite near unnamed pond, 1.0 mile before Sawmill Pass Trail (~10,800′) End: campsite 1.0mi beyond Upper Vidette Meadow (9928′) Miles: 18.7 Elevation gain: 5030′ I was up around 5:15am this morning and out hiking by 6:15am. I’ve found that I don’t really like going downhill in the morning; I prefer to … Continue reading JMT day 9

JMT day 8

Friday, August 16 Start: campsite near Deer Meadow (8875′) End: campsite near unnamed pond, 1.0 mile before Sawmill Pass Trail (~10,800′) Miles: 19.0 Elevation gain: 6329′ After a lovely night sleep, I slept in and woke up at 5:40am. I was packed up and on trail by 6:30am. I climbed past Lower Palisade Lake (10,610′) … Continue reading JMT day 8

JMT day 7

Thursday, August 15 Start: between McClure and Colby Meadow (~9660′) End: campsite near Deer Meadow (8875′) Miles: 24.8 Elevation gain: 4902′ After a successful night with a bear hang (and a fair amount of congested coughing still), I woke up around 5:15 and was on trail by 6:15, despite being a bit cranky. I then … Continue reading JMT day 7

JMT day 6

Wednesday, August 14 Start: Bear Creek (9657′) End: between McClure and Colby Meadow (~9660′) Miles: 22.3 Elevation gain: 5226′ This morning, I was awake early and headed out by 6am and did the long climb up to Selden Pass (10,900′), after some excellent balancing on a log to cross Bear Creek. I then descended past … Continue reading JMT day 6

JMT day 5

Tuesday, August 13 Start: Purple Lake (9935′) End: Bear Creek crossing (9575′) Miles: 25.4 Elevation gain: 6942′ I can’t believe I’ve made it through day 5. It was a close one; I woke up at 5:15am in a terrible mood, convinced that I wanted to quit. I packed up in an hour, despite being very … Continue reading JMT day 5

JMT day 4

Monday, August 12 Start: Rosalie Lake (9355′) End: Purple Lake (9935′) Miles: 22.8 Elevation gain: 5131′ I was up early this morning after going to bed early last night; I was packed up and on trail by 6:15am. After a brief climb to Gladys Lake, it was mostly downhill to Reds Meadow (7660′). I arrived … Continue reading JMT day 4

JMT day 3

Sunday, August 11 Start: Lyell Fork Bridge (9655′) End: Rosalie Lake (9355′) Miles: 17.6 Elevation gain: 4436′ I was up early, around 5:15am, and hit the trail by 6:15, wearing a beanie, gloves, and my rain shell. It was in the mid- to low-20s and was the coldest morning of the trip. I then climbed … Continue reading JMT day 3

JMT day 2

Saturday, August 10 Start: Sunrise Creek (8555′) End: Lyell Fork Bridge (9655′) Miles: 23.6 (+1.0 for Tuolumne errands and briefly getting lost) Elevation gain: 4091′ After a fairly cool night where I slept like a rock, I got up and headed out by 7am. It was a bit cool in the morning until the sun … Continue reading JMT day 2

JMT day 1

Friday, August 9th Start: Happy Isles End: Sunrise Creek Miles: 14.7 Elevation gain: 8005′ After a hellacious 36 hours of travel (which included not sleeping for 36 hours due to me needing to drive myself 4 hours to Fresno from LAX and not being able to sleep on buses or planes), I managed to arrive … Continue reading JMT day 1