WA PCT, day 23

Tuesday, September 1 Start: campsite near Three Corner Rock End: Cascade Locks Miles: 15.0 miles Gain/loss: 2562’/5738′ Listened to: book- Words of Radiance After a solid night’s sleep with tons of dreams, I woke up at 5:25am with a lot of condensation on the inside of my tent, despite leaving one of my vestibules completely … Continue reading WA PCT, day 23

WA PCT, day 22

Monday, August 31 Start: campsite near Huckleberry Mtn End: campsite near Three Corner Rock Miles: 31.3 miles Gain/loss: 9045’/9341′ Listened to: book- Words of Radiance I was up at 5:25am and on trail by 6:15am. For the first 1.5 miles, I listened to music without headphones so I could be aware of my surroundings and … Continue reading WA PCT, day 22

WA PCT, day 21

Sunday, August 30 Start: Steamboat Lake End: campsite near Huckleberry Mtn Miles: 31.1 miles (+0.25 for campsite) Gain/loss: 5010’/5472′ Listened to: book- Cursor’s Fury; Words of Radiance After staying up past 9pm yesterday and with the cold wind, I didn’t get up until 5:30am but I packed up quickly and was back on trail by … Continue reading WA PCT, day 21

WA PCT, day 20

Saturday, August 29 Start: Killen Creek End: Steamboat Lake Miles: 23.0 miles (+0.25 for campsite) Gain/loss: 3891’/5794′ Listened to: book- Cursor’s Fury After a heavy night sleep, I was awake around 5:15am and on trail by 6:30am; the inside of my tent was wet with condensation so I took time to wipe it down so … Continue reading WA PCT, day 20

WA PCT, day 19

Friday, August 28 Start: campsite beyond Knife’s Edge End: Killen Creek Miles: 31.9 miles Gain/loss: 5472’/6562′ Listened to: book- Academ’s Fury; Cursor’s Fury; Podcasts- RadioLab; 99% Invisible; Nice White Parents I slept fairly well last night, waking up around 4am and dozing until it was late enough to get up around 5:20am. I was packed … Continue reading WA PCT, day 19

WA PCT, day 18

Thursday, August 27 Start: White Pass End: campsite beyond Knife’s Edge Miles: 19.2 miles Gain/loss: 6781’/4249′ Listened to: book- Academ’s Fury After staying in Packwood last night, I hung out in town, having a great breakfast at the Mountain Goat, until the Inn’s shuttle left at 11am for White Pass. I was back on trail … Continue reading WA PCT, day 18