Long Trail, day 10

Tuesday, September 4, 2018 Start: Lincoln Gap/Bristol End: Middlebury Gap/Gathering Inn, Hancock Mileage: 17.6 on LT Elevation gain/loss: 4373’/3661′ We had a lovely evening with my aunt and her partner, filled with lively conversation and a potluck dinner with their housing co-op. This morning, we were up at 6am, were served a scrumptious breakfast at … Continue reading Long Trail, day 10

Long Trail, day 9

Monday, September 3, 2018 Start: Birch Glen Shelter End: Lincoln Gap/Bristol Mileage: 13.6 on LT Elevation gain/loss: 4078’/3661′ After getting woken up by the Quebecois weekenders at 11pm by their full volume talking and use of white light headlamps in their bunks, I very firmly and politely told them that it was 11pm and they … Continue reading Long Trail, day 9

Long Trail, day 8

Sunday, September 2, 2018 Start: Duxbury Rd/Black Barn Farm End: Birch Glen Shelter Mileage: 15.7 on LT Elevation gain/loss: 5645’/3952′ After an adventure at Black Barn Farm and a lovely zero day in Waterbury hitting up Cabot and Ben & Jerry’s, among others, we were ready to hit the trail again. Last night, we petitioned … Continue reading Long Trail, day 8

Long Trail, day 6

Thursday, August 30, 2018 Start: Sterling Pond Shelter End: Puffer Shelter Mileage: 15.9 on LT Elevation gain/loss: 5742’/5701′ After a nice relaxing evening, we climbed into bed and fell asleep around 9pm. We were woken up multiple times during the night by very intense, very heavy downpours of rain accompanied by high winds. It rained … Continue reading Long Trail, day 6

Long Trail, day 5

Wednesday, August 29, 2018 Start: VT 15/Johnson End: Sterling Pond Shelter Mileage: 10.6 on LT Elevation gain/loss: 4393’/1893′ We got up this morning around 6am, after staying up rather too late, but the soft beds gave us deep, restorative sleep. At 6:30am, we were packed up and downstairs, ready for our hearty breakfast. We had … Continue reading Long Trail, day 5

Long Trail, day 4

Tuesday, August 28, 2018 Start: Corliss Camp End: VT 15/Johnson/ Nye’s Green Valley Farm BnB Mileage: 11.8 on LT (+0.5 around town) Elevation gain/loss: 2671’/3924′ So the heavens opened yet again last night, pouring buckets of rain until around 6:45am when it finally tapered off. While it wasn’t actively raining during our hike, everything (especially … Continue reading Long Trail, day 4

Long Trail, day 3

Monday, August 27, 2018 Start: Tiltson Camp End: Corliss Camp Mileage: 15.0 on LT (+0.4 for side trail to Ritterbush Lodge) Elevation gain/loss: 3,665’/4,429′ We were up at 6:30am and on trail by 7:15. For the first 2-3 hours, it was super cloudy and foggy. Mt Belvedere was completely socked in. The sun slowly started … Continue reading Long Trail, day 3

Long Trail, day 2

Sunday, August 26, 2018 Start: Jay Camp End: Tiltson Camp Mileage: 11.7 on LT (+0.2 from shelter) Elevation gain/loss: 4,193’/3,878′ After a nice evening with food and nice chats, we had a middling night sleep. Towanda has a cold so she didn’t sleep well, and there was a mouse burrowing around at night, which was … Continue reading Long Trail, day 2

Long Trail, day 1

Saturday, August 25, 2018 Start: Journey’s End Camp End: Jay’s Camp Mileage: 11.8 LT, 2.0 RT bushwhack to Big Jay (+0.2 to shelter) Elevation gain/loss: ~4,916’/~4,000′, including bushwhack Towanda (AT NOBO ’15) and I started out from Journey’s End Camp around 7am. We traveled up the side trail to the Canadian border, took pictures, and … Continue reading Long Trail, day 1